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What are Hosts? Well, Harry Joachim, one of our Executive Hosts at Wind Creek Wetumpka, offers up the skinny on what our Hosts do for our Guests. Check out Part 2 where Harry sheds light on how ...

We are going to Vegas in a 2 weeks to celebrate a bachelor party. there are 9 of us and we have a VIP host who set up the nights at the clubs. we are getting FREE ENTRY TO TAO BEACH WITH FREE DRINKS Friday night - Chateau $1000 (plus comp bottle) Saturday night - Gallery $1500... How to Get the Most From Your Casino Host - Maxim How to Get the Most From Your Casino Host. “If you make $50 bets for 10 hours, without a significant loss, you will receive about $60 in comps. But if you can hide $300 per hour and play for 10 hours, it will look like you lost $3,000.” Generally speaking, that kind of loss will earn you $300 in comps. A Guide to Casino Hosts and Their Duties - Best US Online ... How desirable does vary by casino, and it is probably easier to get assigned a casino host at a smaller casino or one that doesn’t tend to attract a lot of high rollers than at one of the higher end casinos on the Las Vegas strip, where your more modest play will get rewarded but won’t be enough to get the personal treatment a dedicated casino host can offer. Ask the Experts - What are Casino Hosts? - YouTube

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Jan 30, 2017 · Interview With An Executive Casino Host. Same for slots, if a person puts $20 in a machine they will not receive a host. At my casino a low roller for table games would be a $25 bet on a table for 30 minutes. Medium would be $250 bet for two hours, and high would be $500 a hand for 4 hours. Slots low roller would be $100 spent in 30 minutes. What Your Casino Host Won't Tell You - Aug 05, 2015 · 1- Which Games Offer the Highest Comps. A player bets $100 per hand on blackjack. He plays 500 hands. His total amount wagered is $50,000. With an expected win rate of 2%, the casino expects to win $1,000 ($50,000 X 2%). The more money the player is …

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May take a job as a "VIP" Host I dont know how VIP hosts get paid but I'd guess its as a percentage of something, and if people like youOften times idiots who produce revenue and get paid accordingly make more then the rocketYou certainly can do a lot worse than VIP Host in Las Vegas. I know those guys killed it during theI've got nothing to add except that during my time working strip casinos in Vegas, the " VIP" host... How to Host a Casino Themed Party | The To-do List When you host a casino-inspired party you can have control over where the money goes, whetherIf you're hiring a professional dealer, then why not rent a gaming table to make it even more realistic.Casino-themed Party Etiquette and FAQs. Here are a few things you need to know when hosting a... 19 Casino Careers and How to Get Hired There - The Ultimate…

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[Table] I am a senior VIP host in Las Vegas. I get paid to [Table] I am a senior VIP host in Las Vegas. I get paid to party with celebrities and athletes and do what it takes to make sure they have a good time. AMA (self.tabled) submitted 6 years ago * by tabledresser