Black labrador jack russell mix

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Jack Russell Lab Mix Temperament

Jack Russell / Labrador Mix? | Yahoo Answers I have a Black Lab/Russell mix. She looks like a miniature Black Lab, and generally has the temperament of a Lab. That is, until we start playing Tug o' War or wrestling. Then you can see the Terrier come out! All in all, very sweet and trainable.Her nickname is "The Goofy Goober" Jack Russell Mix Puppies For Sale | Puppy Adoption ... Color: The Jack Russell breed colors are predominately white in coloration with black and/or tan markings. Patches of color often appear on the main body, head & tail. More than 50% of their body should be colored white. With a mix it can be a variety of different colors. Jack Russell/Lab Mix |

Parson Russell Terriers (formerly known as Jack Russell) are small hunting dogs. The Jack Russell Terrier was bred to hunt and dig (go to ground) for rodents and other small animals such as squirrels by treeing them. Parson Russell Mixes tend to be small, between 10 and 14 inches tall at the withers ...

Is a Labrador Retriever / Jack Russell Terrier Mix... How can the answer be improved? Is a Labrador Retriever / Jack Russell Terrier Mix... The first generation Labrador Retriever / Jack Russell Terrier is a cross between a pure Lab and a pure JRT, although subsequent generations may have different proportions of the two breeds in the mix.

re: Jack Russell/Lab Mix Posted by TampaBayTiger on 9/30/09 at 12:15 pm to avidday It's a shame they weren't mixed with black labs. Then they would be Black Jacks.

What are full grown Jack Russell/Labrador mixes like? - Quora This is our Daisy, she is a Jack Russell X Labrador. 4 yrs old. 17kg. loves the water. Lighting fast, loves chasing kangaroos on our farm. Is good with our twin 2yr Olds but jumpy around other children she doesn't know.

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Jack Russell Terrier Breed Information - Vetstreet A Jack Russell Terrier who digs doesn't have a behavior problem; he's the epitome of the breed. A dedicated owner can channel that enthusiasm into hunting, but if your interests lie elsewhere, the Jack Russell excels at all kinds of organized and informal canine activities, and of course he excels at terrier races and earthdog tests. katcan51 Review 10203 - of their Labrador Retrieve... By the time they were rescued, they were eating garbage to survive and the temperatures were approaching life-threatening. We took her home from the shelter and named her Abby. We thought we were getting a little black lab. What we got was a Jack Russell in disguise. Our girl in finer boned than a true labrador. She dances on her hind feet. Jack Russell Mixed puppies Sale - Puppies for Sale in PA Jack Russell Mix Puppies For Sale Available Jack Russell Mix Puppies for Sale in PA Serving PA, MD, NY, NJ, DE, RI, VA, WV, CT and Washington DC for more than 40 years! Jack Russell Terrier Mix Puppies For Sale Breed Info Ridgewood recommends that when you’re looking at Jack Russell Mixed puppies for sale, you research the other breed or ...